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Custom Machined Parts

Custom Parts Creation

Custom Parts Created to Your Specifications

Hand Crafted in Pittsburgh, PA

X-Act Manufacturing is proud to provide custom machine parts built to your specifications. We can complete projects of any size, so we can get you replacement parts on time and in any batch size.

Unlike other shops, we do not require a set order size to complete a project. We can complete orders for specialty parts that may be hard to find or produce at scale. We specialize in producing comparable OEM parts using higher grade material, yet to the same specification that you will find with the original equipment manufacturer.

We are able to fabricate small to large parts, and everything in between. If you have a complex part that may be expensive to product at large scale, we can help you out with smaller runs to get you the part when you need it. We are able to give a more cost effective method to creating specialized parts for your heavy equipment. Whether you are in need of a specialized part for earth moving equipment, or custom piece for factory lines, we can provide both better quality workmanship and service than other aftermarket or OEM suppliers.


Prototype Machining & Small Run Machining Services

Utilizing small run manufacturing cycles is an area that X-Act Manufacturing is proud to offer businesses of all sizes. We offer small run manufacturing services for companies or individuals looking to produce prototype parts for a wide variety of equipment. Our ability to handle small run manufacturing jobs is one area that separates us from other machine shops in the Pittsburgh area.


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