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Conveyor Manufacturing for Commercial & Industrial Applications

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Flexible Solutions & Precision Craftsmanship

To keep your production line in on time and your profits steady, you need your production line to flow effortlessly every day. A day down for maintenance could mean a day of lost revenue for the company.

At X-Act Manufacturing, we strive to provide a wide array of flexible solutions for any industrial or commercial industry. We can complete conveyor systems for industrial, commercial packaging, sanitary conveyor automation, and more! We are able to complete any custom project our clients send to us.

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What Types of Belts Can you Manufacture?

We produce conveyor belt systems for a large range of industrial and commercial companies. We are able to create custom projects for the mining, food processing, agricultural, pharmaceutical, packaging, and a variety of other industries.

Bulk Material Handling Conveyors

These are designed and manufactured to handle large volumes of material like coal, mining, quarrying, and other industries who rely on efficient transport of large quantities.

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industrial conveyor system for bulk processing