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Machine Retrofitting

Rebuilds and Retrofits for Old Machinery

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You Do Not Need New – Retrofit or Rebuild Your Old Machinery!

Machine retrofitting is the response to the reality of heavy machinery – mechanical degradation due to manufacturing stress that will necessitate replacement or modernization. With maintenance, machinery will remain operational for several decades.

However, the expansion of technological development is unpredictable, with machinery needing to be retrofitted to function at adequate levels. Advances in diagnostics, functionality, and environmental measures have inadvertently pushed new production thresholds that current machines cannot uphold.

Retrofitting extends the life of machinery and peripheral tools, with a cost-effective solution that pays attention to the modernization of components. Oil rigs and plant facilities, for example, improve their production and energy efficiency factor with retrofit add-ons, stabilizing operational expenditures.

Machinery Equipment Rebuilders

The solution to an aged system is retrofitting heavy machinery and replacing old controls instead of substituting them all together. The required modernization of a machine is matched to the scope of the consultation given to the customer.

When you need re-calibration, or need to build on existing analog drive technology, machinery equipment rebuilders tailor machine modification to fit your specific needs. Retrofitting for different types of machinery like oil rigs or plants may differ, but there are common elements that spotlight the long-term role of modernization.

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Benefits of Machine Retrofitting

  • ** Adaptability to current technological cycles.
  • ** Contribute to decarbonization efforts.
  • ** Reduced energy costs.
  • ** Tax incentives and rebates due to the appropriation of environmental regulations.
  • ** Improved safety by reducing quality incidents stemming from degrading equipment.
  • ** Retrofitting contributes to your corporate social responsibility by reducing demands and your company’s carbon footprint.
  • ** Pipe modification to increase fatigue limit.
  • ** Retrofitting give project managers and engineers the opportunity of flexible manufacturing, with mechanical assets protected over the long haul.
old yellow machine that needs to be rebuilt

Engineers and Modernization of Heavy Equipment

Machine tools are one of the most vital and costly assets in your industry. Typically consisting of add-on technology for power plants, home energy efficiency equipment, and seismic retrofits to reinforce older buildings to withstand tectonic activity, modernization has galvanized into a standalone application that has stressed the value of repurposed components.

Retrofits not only help with capital expenditures, but they are designed to help optimize plant components and ensure modernization in the effort to make older systems more adaptable and dependable.

For environmental engineers, retrofitting for construction and renovation projects contribute to improving the water quality of nearby sources. Retrofitting has served machinery builders and their industries with the opportunity to preserve natural resources while modernizing older machines.